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In Person or virtual 45 min

During your first visit we will spend time discussing your reason(s) for attending therapy, your medical history and your goals for treatment. Next a thorough assessment will be completed. With this information, we will work together to develop an evidenced-informed treatment plan. Treatment begins at the first visit and typically includes interventions such as education, exercise, manual therapy techniques, and a home exercise/care plan.


During follow up visits your condition will be reassessed to determine progress towards your goals and your treatment will be adjusted accordingly. The overall goal of treatment is for you to become independent in managing your condition.

In Person or virtual 30-45 min


Please wear (or bring) comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and easily.


Virtual session care will be as listed above. When most people think of visiting a physical therapist, they think of hands on care. In some cases that may be helpful but it is usually not required. In most, cases I learn the most from your story and asking questions. During in person and virtual visits, I am working to give you the tools you need to continue your care when we're not together. For example, when I perform manual techniques in the clinic, I also teach that person how to continue with that technique on their own at home. When treating virtually I'll teach you how to perform in office techniques on your own.

During your visit please have a space available to move around in and any exercise gear nearby!

For In Person Visits

Please complete and bring to your first visit

For Virtual Visits

Please complete prior to your first virtual visit

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